Latest technology and reliability

We make an extensive range of Liners using the latest technology, typical of industrial companies specializing in cutting and manufacturing of plastic fabrics. For its preparation we use advanced techniques, such as high frequency welding of the Liner and cutting plotters, which allow greater product reliability. In addition, they increase the speed of pattern design designed in 3D.

Our biggest advantages

Do you know what is one of the biggest advantages of our Liner? We make it to measure!
In addition, in order to ensure an exact preparation we allow you to make the order of Liner once the pool structure is made and without long waits . In a few days we tailor any of the Liner designs of our product portfolio. You can easily have a pool liner ready to enjoy


What does the Laineblock liner offer?

Exact Measures

In order to ensure an exact preparation we allow you to place the order of Liner once the pool structure has been made and without long waits. We tailor any of our Liner designs to adapt them to your projects.

Cutting plotters

We use cutting plotters to manufacture our product easily and effectively.

Specific Design

You can choose from a wide range of designs to achieve an ideal finish.

Range of plain colors

Deep Blue

Sky Blue




Range of stamped colors

Blue Blue

Persia Black

Persia Sand




How to take the measures?

Choose the shape of your pool and download the sheet with the measures you have to take to place the order… Is very easy…

Raised pools

Buried pools



We show you a projects carried out with our products.

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