Tailored and customized

We manufacture a wide range of covers to adapt to the needs of each pool. We offer the possibility to customize them.

Our biggest advantages

Our covers stand out for their customization and design. We offer the possibility of adding in each cover the name of the company or the logo of each client so that the product is unique. With our covers you can keep each pool in perfect condition.


Winter cover

Custom made

We make each custom cover. They are useful for both swimming pools and deposits.

High resistance

Made with top quality fabrics that provide great resistance. They are manufactured in the CE.

Choose your design

We offer the freedom to configure your ideal cover by choosing the color, the eyelets or the anchoring mechanism. We can customize the cover with the name of the company or the customer’s product.

Technical characteristics of the cover

Drains for stormwater drainage.

Polyester 1100dtex fabric, high plasticized toughness.

Weight: 580gr x m2, 2-sided lacquered in blue / beige, green / beige and grey / beige. 600gr x, 2, lacquered on 1 side in blue / black color.

Accessories included: perimeter tensioners.

Composition: Latex interior. Nylon outer.

Retractable anchors: Stainless stud.

Head: Stainless steel screw.





We wanted to say goodbye to the waste on top of the cover. For this reason we have created an air bag. Coberflot is the ideal complement for the cover of all types of swimming pools.

Goodbye Residues

It is placed under the cover. Thanks the volume, water and waste are evacuated out of the cover.

Made With PVC

Made of high tenacity PVC, it has a non-return valve and eyelets for easy fastening.

Easy Fastening

The fastening system allows you to center the product inside the pool so that it can’t move and perfectly performs it’s function.




Bar cover

Protect your pool all year. To use both winter and summer. It’s very easy to assemble and disassemble every day to enjoy the pool.

Sold Disassembled

Our bar cover is the only one in the market that is sold disassembled. We get a reduced package size to be able to send it comfortably and avoid transporting it in large vehicles. We reduce the CO2 emission.

Easy To Assemble

We can get the assembly in 3 steps. Two people can assembly the cover in 30 minutes.

Maximum Security

Our covers are made of resistant material. Thanks to their properties, they are safe for all family members.




Summer cover

Do you think it’s possible to maintain the water temperature? … Of course! … We manufacture summer covers for the pool to be able to save the water temperature.

In addition, we offer the possibility to customize each summer cover. We have different perimeter tape designs where each client can add the logo they want.

Avoid The Entry Of Impurities

Placed on top of the glass of water, it prevents impurities from entering it.

Save Energy

Thanks to its properties, it saves up to 30% of energy in the water heating system.

Easy To Place

Being formed by flexible bubbles, they are very easy to fold and roll. In addition, they are very low weight.

Properties … Do you know its advantages?

Resists UV aggressions and new automated water treatment methods.

Economize treatment products.

It reduces the evaporation of the water sheet.

Easy to place and remove.


Cover without works

It is the easiest winter cover to install … You don’t need any type of work to place it, not even holes in the pavement!…

No Works

Isn’t necessary to drill around, since the cover falls until it’s in contact with the water and rides on the crowning stone.

Secure Hold

It’s supported by bags introduced in the ties that are sewn to the roof and that we will fill with water later.

Protected From UV Rays

This cover is made of tear-resistant polyethylene fiber and protected from UV rays to withstand sunlight for years.



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